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Welcome in Luxor Ricevimenti


Luxor Ricevimenti:
Creativity, Style and Elegance

Luxor Ricevimenti is a company specialized in weddings, events, private and corporate organization. The company can provide a top catering service as well as creative and dedicate scenographies since over 10 years on the market is today one of the best weddings and events organization, with a great emotional impact able to stay in guests memories forever.

It is run by a professional team with a great experience in various sectors: Spaces setting, great charm scenographies and culinary creations.

Weddings and Recommittment Ceremonies

Plenty of creative nature since ever fascinated by magic and romantic atmospheres, she can easily care all that with her touch. She knows brides and groms she understands what they want for their guests, make their emotions and dreams real, offering combinations of great emotional impact.

This is the work the wedding planner and the rest of the stuff will do for you. An emotion will stay forever

Contact us
Weddings and Recommittment Ceremonies


info +39 0584 30733 | +39 393 9743218

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